Global warming, carbon tax, interfaith and Aston Martin

Grant Swart

I have always had a huge appreciation for well written, well told or clever jokes. There have been times when I have literally laughed so much and deeply from the heart, that were it not for my partially overwhelmed sensibilities, I could have caused myself some “seriously hysterical” injury. Sheepishly I admit that this does happen at times, and fortunately there are those who understand these things. I must emphasize most clearly, that at those times I was nowhere near Toronto, and the laughter certainly wasn’t their kind of (un)holy laughter, either.

Now, before I get to the gist of that which I wish to share in this article, I must bring just a little biblical perspective to the subjects of humour and laughter. While we must be thankful, wholehearted and honest in our utilization of these gifts and abilities to enjoy refreshing humour in our lives, we must also constantly keep in perspective our instruction to “soberness” of Christian character.  The book of Titus and Chapter 2 explains clearly what we should strive for in our Continue reading

The Third Intifada

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John MacArthur on Charles Spurgeon & Worldly Preaching

The Purpose of Pain

John MacArthur – Grace to You

2 Corinthians 12:5-7

For many years now we’ve been studying 2 Corinthians. And we did have a few interruptions, one whole year of interruptions when we were dealing with the anatomy of the church. And we have finally come to what is my favorite section in this whole epistle, chapter 12 verses 5 to 10. I’ve been waiting for a long, long time to get to this passage and I’m so thrilled at what is here. I actually am struggling in my heart to say it all. I feel like I have far too much to say than I can say and I’m afraid it might just come rambling out in some random fashion without enough structure for you to be able to grasp it, so I’m going to go slowly and hope we can stay contained in this wonderful text.

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