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 Grant Swart

About a letter of concern from a brother in Ireland.

From far beyond South African shores, the adopted country of self-styled superstar and cowboy preacher of iniquity, Angus Buchan (2 Co 11:13), and where he first hatched plans for his evil and blasphemous road-show, a brother in Ireland has sent us thought-provoking and concerned correspondence.

Adam’s letter serves to further illustrate the alarming rate at which the vile deception of the false gospel is expanding, under the guise of Christianity and in the hands of unscrupulous religious fraudsters. Buchan employs his particular version of deceitful gospel to masquerade as Christianity, exploit the desperately religious world (2 Cor 4:4) and to glorify secular humanism and false spirituality at the expense of God’s Word and Truth.

With his charismatic personality, his magnetic appeal to the unbelieving masses in the religious world and his strategically choreographed stage performance, which always seems to involve the weather in one way or another (Mat 24:24), Buchan has been able to deceive tens of thousands of “seekers” into believing abominable lies about the Lord God. In South Africa, as well as on a rapidly expanding international stage, Buchan and his Mighty Men franchise has been able to gather a fanatical cult following of many thousands. More recently, he has embarked on a personal mission to take his deceitful show on the road to unleash its contagious religious lies into the unsuspecting world (2 Co 11:14), no doubt funded to large degree by his affiliation to the multi-million dollar “gospel TV” networks.

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This progression was inevitable, as an aging Buchan continues to ride the wave of commercial success subsequent to his first blasphemous and fraudulent movie, “Faith Like Potatoes”, and nine or more offensive and blatantly humanistic publications, which have proven to be immensely popular with secular readers and the self-righteously religious.

His recent unsavoury alliance with pseudo-religious television networks such as TBN and God-TV and at least five cable or satellite TV channels, who broadcast his “Grassroots” show which is often offensive to Christians, have provided him with fantastic exposure and, of course it goes without saying, even greater ill-begotten wealth.

While preaching a message of devilish doctrine from beneath the rim of the Stetson hat with which he has become synonymous, sporting workman-like farmer’s clothing and clutching a battered red Bible which he blasphemously refers to as his “agricultural manual”, he has encouraged thousands of spiritually lost moralists, humanists and religious legalists to part with a sizeable portion of their cash.

Of course, Buchan is not opposed to accepting payment by pledge, credit card or other means. Why should he be? Any dedicated businessman would agree that money in any form is desirable as long as it is legal tender, and Buchan has made big business of charismatic Christianity. He is pretty big on prosperity preaching, even though he often emphasizes the fact that his shows actually come at a very favourable rate considering that he often spiritually “commands” rain to fall, calls down God’s Holy Spirit to attend his shows and miraculously feeds the masses in the same manner that Jesus did in Matthew 14 and 15.

I suppose it could get a lot worse, and it certainly is. Compared to the “prices” charged for unbiblical religious shows, private healings and deliverance ceremonies conducted by his NAR / pseudo-charismatic counterparts such as Reinhard Bonnke, At Boshoff, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, TB Joshua, Joyce Meyer, Todd Bentley, Rick Warren, Rodney Howard-Browne, Billy Graham, TD Jakes, Nevil Norden, Kenneth Copeland, Rob Bell, Reinhard Bonnke, John Piper, Kay Arthur and Cindy Jacobs to name but a very few, Buchan’s shows are probably quite reasonably priced, if that is the kind of entertainment one enjoys spending money on. His shows are most certainly worldly, they do tickle the ears of the religious types, they do promote a selection of societal morals and emphasize social upliftment. They address various types of religious and geo-political forbearance and promote gross ecumenicism, and I suppose they are entertaining in a rather sick way for those who prefer fiction to reality. However, these motivational shows are certainly not Christ centred, Scriptural or of Christian nature. Falsely religious they most certainly are.

It seems there are various types of value added package deals available as well, should one choose to accompany Buchan to Israel to witness a few staged miracles and meet the strange “spirit” which he orders about while he is on stage. For those who may be interested, there is disturbing footage and constructive criticism of one of these occurrences at  .

Among the more popular deals seem to be those which include a weekend away at the Mighty Men gatherings on Buchan’s farm in Greytown, South Africa, or at other venues around the country. It is at these gatherings that the claimed miraculous multiplication of meals are said to take place. The marketing team at Shalom ministries and the Mighty Men franchise spend a fortune on advertising these events and they are well attended.

But at what price, the deceit of a soul? Buchan has undeniably mastered the low profit, high volume concept as his ministry has been cursed with great financial success at the expense of the Gospel Truth. Multitudes of his deceived followers are adamant that this financial success must necessarily validate the authenticity of his message. That is the nature of prosperity preaching. However, the church of Jesus Christ our Lord is not qualified or quantified in monetary terms or identified by its popularity. To the contrary, the glorification of men and their fleshly desires are in stark opposition to God’s Word.

How the gullible, foolish and deceived are scammed out of their money, is simply a point of mere social concern; if they had not spent it on a camping weekend away with the boys at Buchan’s false revival shows, they would, more than likely, have gambled it away in one of the country’s lavish casinos or have spent it on more booze than they felt comfortable with taking along in the cooler-box to the Mighty Men show.

It is a pathetic and idolatrous spectacle, where year after year in growing numbers, thousands of spiritually  lost men with troubled consciences and weak morals, gather together to worship their own will and man-made idols, emotionally charged by a false prophet and a gospel contrary to that of Christ. Here you will find men who believe that they have been saved and lost, saved and lost, saved and lost and saved again year on year at these Mighty Men conferences. Here you will meet men who believe that they have actually made a decision for Christ and that they have been saved because of that decision. Here you will find men who believe that their effort at being better fathers, husbands or employers, subsequent to attending these conferences, serves as proof of their salvation. Here you will find men who have been led to believe, like their mentor Angus Buchan, that they can actually do something for Christ which would surprise and impress Him and cause Him to be pleased with their efforts on His behalf.

However, of far greater concern than the bad financial investments these men make in buying shares in the ministry of Angus Buchan and the embarrassing spectacle it creates, is Buchan’s superb ability to encourage those spiritually poor, lost souls to denounce Gospel truth. They do this in exchange for false hope of salvation by means of their improved morals, greater political and racial tolerance, enhanced social skills, their pursuit of legalism / ascetic lifestyles and through their acceptance of abominable doctrines.

If ever there was a high-powered charlatan and occult leader, Angus Buchan is certainly that, and one who successfully markets a perfectly camouflaged deadly and useless religion with alarming success. It is understandable that this is impossible for some to believe, because of the father-like, dedicated and concerned “uncle next door” image which Buchan projects with great conviction. For the same reasons, it is also quite understandable why those who speak out against the false message and lies of Angus Buchan, meet with such animated and vehement opposition.

In recent years, through the brilliant marketing of the Mighty Men franchise which targets the religious nature of spiritually lost people and by the misrepresentation and misappropriation of the Gospel of Christ, Angus Buchan has become a master of portraying himself as a type of messiah to the masses struggling with the difficulties of modern living. His amicable persona, “down-to-earth” image and great character acting together with his appealing secular message of denigrating God and uplifting human worth in exchange for a more fulfilling life experience, have made a superstar of Angus Buchan. His appeal is universal and he has accrued disciples from virtually all levels of society.

Additionally, his claims of being a modern-day rainmaker, commandant of the Holy Spirit and divinely appointed prophet to the working-class have enabled Buchan to uphold an alternative gospel and to position himself as an alternative messiah for the religious fanatics around the world. Once deconstructed and weighed against the Word of God, the “Buchanistic” message of false hope and pacified conscience turns out to be a message of self-condemnation, self-glorification and a wide track on the highway into hell.

All in all, it is a sad story, and one which I do not enjoy telling. I would rather write about the great hope we have in the Lord Jesus and the miraculous grace of our Lord. Angus Buchan does seem to have a certain believable softness and love for creation, and he certainly is enthusiastic about what he does. It is such a great and tragic pity that what he does is of his own accord, as he is wasting the great opportunity he has to use the platform he occupies to take the Truth of the Gospel to the people. Rather, he chooses to exalt men at the expense of the Word of God.

God’s people, however, remain comforted in the knowledge that it is all a part of the His Sovereign plan and according to His perfect wisdom to allow these things to happen in the way that they do, and through whom He has chosen to have them done.

Romans 9:20-21: But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this?” Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use?

To God alone be the Glory.

Angus Buchan Israel add

Our Christian brother in Ireland writes:

Dear Grant,

My “anger” regarding the audacity of Angus Buchan to “export” his business to within a few kilometres from where I live in Ireland prompted me to look a bit deeper into his “business plan”. I am sure that you might be aware of some or all of his tactics, but I felt to share with you.

Besides having a basic message that is just slightly altered (depending on the geographical and political location) he has a well planned infrastructure to market and protect himself from criticism and being exposed as a con artist. Listed are just a few that are easily picked up by spending a few hours on the internet (of course some were seen and heard at an event I attended).

1) Flattery of his audience:
This is praising the locals and telling them that God has shown him that they (the locals) are part of God’s plan to bring about revival to their own country or overseas countries. He hints that they should be willing to “pay the price” of helping by becoming involved. Virtually without fail he flatters the audience by telling them how good they are in certain things (religion or sport, etc). In Ireland he flattered the audience by telling them how difficult it is for the Springboks to beat them at rugby. (Statistics show that Ireland has only managed 4 wins and one draw out of 21 matches – all on home ground). He tells the audiences that he has a “special feeling or love” for them. When in USA he said that in future he is cancelling all visits to other countries as he will focus on bringing revival to the USA. (Cue for an AMEN). Skimming through videos this theme is repeated over and over again.

2) “Soaking music and song” – to prepare the minds for manipulation during his charismatic oration. At the event I attended some popular Irish songs were adapted “to become Christian” songs. This tactic is used by many if not all mega-preachers. These performers are then flattered and praised so as to enforce the “love he has for them”.

3) The “Amplified AMEN” chant: This tactic is used to make the audience become involved and it is quite contagious unless you are like me that wants to throw up.

4) Reciting the same bible verses over and over again at all meetings.

He has the “Top Twenty List” of verses that makes his pseudo-christianity seem plausible.

5) Preferring outdour venues where the wind, clouds, majestic scenery, etc, play into his choreographed presentation.

A change in the winds behaviour suits “Oom Angus” down to the ground – he can attribute this to God and the presence of either Jesus (nogal) or the Holy Spirit.

6) Editing team to help edit videos before they go online:

This editing is obvious once you have discerned the deception that is taking place.

7) Controlling his “Internet Presence”

It is not rocket science to see that he creates a website for different countries with a different Url. His online marketing strategy is most likely his best advertisement ploy to prevent cross referencing critics to expose him. “Angus Buchan” site, “Shalom ministeries” site, “Mighty Men USA” site, “Together for Ireland” site, , and other partnered sites. He has people or associates that help him with website design and other ways of maximizing attendances at his events.

8) Sympathy or “heart strings” ploy:
Regularly says “I have been weeping” for various people, events, or “I have left my wife behind” to come to be with you today/tonight (nogal).

9) Editing comments and not replying to queries:

Due to his control of the websites and comments section he is able to discard any negatives on most searches for info on Angus Buchan.

10) Adopted children:

He regularly points out that he has (at present 27 adopted children) – these being of course not living under the same roof in his “original mud and wattle” house that he built when he relocated from Zambia.

11) Using his attire to make him stand out:

The familiar (by now) “cowboy with the black hat” image that he employs at all public appearances. His websites and partner organizations use this‎ “logo” to promote his events and media merchandise.

12) The agricultural manual:

He equates the Bible to his farming manual (or daily business manual). He says that the Bible tells him when to plant and when to sell livestock and implies that whatever business you are in “it will work for you and make you successful”.

13) His team’s word on criticism:

On his site/s his team say that- “He still lives in the original mud and wattle house and still drives the same car (nogal) and does not even have medical aid (this is an attempt to plead no financial gain from his “religious activities”).

14) The inevitable “Donate option” on websites.

As we know all con artists would have you donate to a perceived good cause, and what better cause than a “godly cause”.

15) Praying in public:

This is obvious to the few, but “a sign of a “Godly man” (read Pharisee). It is notable that he prays when in full sight (if possible before being “invited” by the master of ceremonies to speak.

16) Multiple bank accounts:

This is not unexpected as banking into different accounts (even for so-called charitable tax exempt entities) is one that most crooks would employ. Shalom Ministeries has two accounts listed on same website, both in Greytown at different banks.

17) And last but not least – “Claiming miracles” for dummies

As supernatural happenings cannot be tested by physical means it is also difficult to identify fact from fiction. Only the very gullible or brain washed would actually believe the “raising from the dead” and “cured of two heart attacks within 15 minutes” that is alluded to in “The Tales of Angus Buchan”

The above is not exhaustive, but it does cover a fair amount of well orchestrated “Buchanistic Business Principles” which are not unique to Oom Angus.

I would appreciate a short response if you feel I have missed any notable tactics (apart from the apostasy) that he uses to add to my list (which will probably grow with time). It is amazing how people that have been blinded would say that it is “not Christian” to point out a deceiver and there should be unity in the church. I agree that one should not be consumed by fighting deception, but a warning to examine things that concern us and the flock?


Adam Smith
nogal = nonetheless

Oom = uncle

Angus Buchan Brazil add

Brazil campaign


5 thoughts on “Angus Buchan roadshow: Coming soon.. to infest your community

  1. I agree 100% with what you have said, I am a RC, however not a practicing one, but I believe in God and say any prayers I want when I want and I don’t listen to any of the religious crap on TV.


    • Thank you for commenting, John.

      I often hear people say that they are RC, but not practicing. What exactly does that mean? Popery is directly opposed to biblical Christianity and the Word of God, so therefore, which god does one believe in when one is RC, but not practicing?


  2. I visited the Christian Family church, owned by Theo Wolmarans although he and his wife call themselves Doctors Theo and Beverly in Boksburg. Angus was a guest speaker last weekend. There must have been about 10 000 (naive) people. Maybe they thought Buchan was Jesus. The people sang for 30 minutes, then they collected tithes for 30 minutes (tithing is not biblcal) then Buchan came on and preached for an hour then they collected money again which they said was for Buchan. I stood with about 500 people by the door waiting to go home but the pastors instructed the security guards to lock the church doors until they were finished with the collection. So we had to force our way through the doors. Buchan was his usual self. I did get a clear message from him. He spoke about the same old stuff he always does. Like how we should love etc. He even said we should obey the government and pay our taxes. Then when he saudvthat i tjought “why arent you Angus and other pastors paying your taxes??? He’s like most other charismatic preachers. They are all the same. They are not men of God. They are money hungry wolves. At the last mighty men conference there were 200 000 men who each paid a minimum of R200 per ticket tk live on his farm in their iwn tents gor a weekend. That amounts to R40 million.


  3. Totally agree well done sirs. ” If I AM lifted up, I will draw all men to me.” Jesus Christ. God.


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