Women Preaching On The Streets


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I find it a bit heartbreaking that so many people are now into “Street Preaching”. Not that it is a bad thing, indeed, it can be a very good thing…but it has become a new badge, a new “Thing to do to be right in evangelism”…and in the case of women standing in the street preaching like men…it is not obedient to what God says women are to refrain from. We are told to teach younger women…and that does include witnessing to them, but in a different venue. There are plenty of Evangie sites that insist that it is okay to use women in this….Really? There are NO examples of women in scripture, standing out in the courtyards, preaching the gospel, and no one has been able to offer accurate support of that from scripture…which should tell us something, now shouldn’t it? Yes, it is the “IN” thing to be doing…but are we seeking to be “IN” the IN crowd, or are we seeking to obey our Father in Heaven? Do we seek to please sites like WOTM (who are right in teaching the full Gospel, but wrong in enlisting women as public shills for it). Yes, they will try to cite Priscilla and Aquila (who brought the man into their home and explained the gospel rightly to him….and I’m sure she helped her husband do that…in their home. Which was a meeting place for believers…still does not say she was preaching in public, so let’s stop reading what one would like INTO what it never says in scripture). They will cite Deborah….um…a judge in the OT…not a preacher of anything. Apples and oranges, folks. Context may be good to look at. They will even try to cite Mary and Martha….going so far out on a limb as to say that their running to the disciples and telling them that Jesus was risen was “evangelism”….it was not. Context again….they were Christ’s disciples…HE had already evangelized them….the women simply sought them because they were astounded and happy….hello.Truth is that, in context and application, there is not one woman shown through scripture who stood on street corners preaching. And why not? Well, no doubt because God has said through Paul that women are not to preach. Not to the public, not to men, not on streets with mics and boxes to stand on while they preach and debate with the lost. Not one REAL example. So, bottom line is this…..

Men…get out there…preach your hearts out. Women…we can find lost women EVERYWHERE…go talk to them one on one…off the street….for to disobey God, even if it is a good activity, is still disobedience…and women are not to act like men. Period.

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