On Breeding Spotted Mice

From  A W Tozer – Man – The Dwelling Place of God

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LATELY CARRIED an interesting if somewhat depressing story out of London about a certain British peer who had died just a few days short of his eighty-ninth birthday.

Having been a man of means and position, it had presumably not been necessary for him to work for a living like the rest of us, so at the time of his death he had had about seventy adult years in which he was free to do whatever he wanted to do, to pursue any calling he wished or to work at anything he felt worthy of his considerable abilities.

And what had he chosen to do? Well, according to the story, he had “devoted his life to trying to breed the perfect spotted mouse.”

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Atheist: How to become one

Grant Swart

To the true believer, it is a preposterous suggestion. “How to become an atheist”. However, out in the big wide world, unsurprisingly this will not seem such a ridiculously useless instruction.

Ray Comfort has been taking the Gospel to unbelievers (and sharing it with believers) in a variety of effective ways for a long time. It is rarely a quiet affair, certainly never boring, but then neither is the subject of his ministry boring, which is the Gospel of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Since the internet has become a ‘place’ which is frequented regularly by people in search of information regarding almost all things pertaining to our lives, it has provided an additional platform for Ray’s work in proclaiming the Truth of the Word to unbelievers and in particular those of atheist persuasion.

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