“We Eat Grass To Be Closer To God”, Says A High Profile False Preacher From South Africa


Pastor Lesego Daniel, who is based in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria, told dozens of followers to eat grass because “it will bring them closer to God”.

SA “pastor” under fire over grass-eating followers

2014-01-13 09:46

Pretoria – A South African church leader has come under fire after reports that he made members of his congregation eat grass.

Pastor Lesego Daniel, who is based in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria, told dozens of followers to eat grass because “it will bring them closer to God”.

Daniel made headlines globally after images were shown of his followers laying down in a field and furiously munching grass. Further images were then shown of some followers vomiting. Continue reading

The REAL Jews of South Africa?

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Grant Swart

Over time we have posted numerous articles on this blog in both English and Afrikaans which address the subjects of British-Israelism (“Israel Vision”) and the Hebrew Roots Movement. In South Africa, these belief systems have a rather large following, and in particular among the Afrikaner people. Although there are many different streams within these belief systems, they all have in common some form of false belief that they are either descendants of the Jewish people by inheritance, by birthright or by divine proclamation.

Additionally, as in some other, mostly Western, countries, these remain highly controversial subjects and the indoctrinated followers of these cult-like movements vehemently defend their positions, often with great eloquence and with what they firmly believe to be, Old Testament Scriptural support. Many of the deceived followers of these incorrect and false belief systems have commented at length in opposition to our articles and, in an almost equal number of instances, we have not approved their comments. With predictable regularity, these misled people lose all semblance of the measured, intellectual decency and Christian attitudes they portray at first, once they resort to cursing us when we do not publish their deceitful responses. There are very few names which we have not been called by these religious terrorists.

Although, to some this may seem to be unfair practice on our part, it remains our prerogative as to what is made public on this blog. This blog is not entitled, “For the Love of Falsehood”. We are accountable to all true Christians and to all those whom we do not know, but whom God has drawn to faith and salvation by His grace. The reason for posting the related articles has always been to expose the dangers posed by these false belief systems and to refute them. We do not post articles which oppose the “Israel Vision” and Hebrew Roots Movements in order to create a platform from which followers of these religious falsehoods, can further advertise their deceptive messages.

Neither has it been our intention to use the blog as a forum for any long-winded and, more than likely, fruitless, debate with those who are opposed to simple biblical and historical facts. By not approving many of the comments which support the South African form of British-Israelism, “Israel Vision” and Hebrew Roots Movements, we are at least able to limit, to a small degree, the exposure given to their false and deadly religious beliefs.

However, there is a group of South Africans who can rightfully lay claim to being of Jewish descent, and I’m sure that there will be many readers, and in particular many of our South African readers, who will find the following article very surprising. Continue reading

Die Kruis red; die Kruis verlos. Die ware Evangelie van geloof.

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TULIP en Die Ware Evangelie

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Totale onvermoë dood in jou sonde

Uitverkies sonder voorwaardes

Lewe aflê vir Sy Skape Alleen

Innerlike onweerstaanbare genade

Preserveer vir ewig


Isa 53:11  Weens die moeitevolle lyde van sy siel sal Hy dit sien en versadig word; deur sy kennis sal my Kneg, die Regverdige, baie regverdig maak; en Hy sal hulle skuld dra.

Dit was Volbring en wat die God van die Kosmos gekom het om te doen, was Hy mee tevrede; dat diegene wat Hy regverdig wil maak, het Hy volkome regverdig gemaak. Nie een gaan verlore wat Hy in Sy ewige Raadsplan vir Sy Bruid kies nie. Sy plan was nie gefnuik deur enige van Sy skepsels nie, want Hy is nie in hulle hande nie maar hulle in Syne. Die vlekkelose Bruid is nie die een wat Jesus Christus nie geweet het wie dit gaan wees nie, en tot met die wederkoms eers, Sy versluierde een met verbasing sal aanskou nie. Nee, God weet wie is die Bruid, want Hy het hulle elkeen gekies voor die grondlegging van die wêreld af, om ʼn reine Bruid te hê, wat Hy vlekkeloos en heilig kom maak het.


Toe die wet daar was, was dit maklik om te verklaar hoekom sommige die ewige lewe beërwe en hoekom sommige deur die wet geoordeel word. Dit was wit of swart, hemel of hel, God se skaap of die duiwel se bok, verlore of gered deur die wet te gehoorsaam of die wet te oortree. Dan was dit jou skuld dat jy verlore gaan, of dit was jou goedheid en getrouheid wat jou die hemel laat beërwe, “getroue dienskneg kom staan hier by die skape, ontroue gaan na die ewige verderf voorberei vir die duiwel en sy engele”. Nie dat die wet enigeen gered het nie. Die nuwe evangelie is nie veel anders in sy sienswyse nie, jy gehoorsaam die “wet” van “keuse maak”. Continue reading