Cracking the “Code” of Preterism

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4 thoughts on “Cracking the “Code” of Preterism

  1. Elmarie ,
    I heard Hank Hanagraff speak on these things on the Bible Answer Man radio program and i was shocked that he had preterist views. He always seemed pretty solid in exposing false teachers ect. and seemed to be learned in the scriptures, i could not reconcile him having these views and saying that the Great Tribulation has already happened. I stopped listening to him as much after that , however i do listen here and there.
    Good article.


    • Sylesa
      Yes and was Hank Hannagraaff not the man who wrote the book “what love is this” ? The book against Calvinism ? 🙂 goes to show. We can not trust man we must always test to see if these teachers are from God.



  2. Dave Hunt wrote that very frustrating, badly researched personal account on what he perceives to be Calvinist doctrine. In an attempt to refute Calvinism, he partially succeeds in refuting Christianity and the Sovereignty of God as well. It was a very disappointing attempt by Dave Hunt, who has written some very helpful things in the past. It wasn’t Hank Hanegraaff this time… 🙂


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