Oprah and Obama: Ecumenicising an Africa in need of Christ

Grant Swart

The letter which I have attached hereto, was brought to my attention a few days ago, sent to me by a family member and friend who has a sharp eye for matters pertaining to controversial political issues. Although the letter is of secular nature, I thought it might be relevant to the times we are living in here in Africa, where, as in the rest of the world, the momentum of the ecumenical movement has become unstoppable.

The recent embarrassing repeat visit to our shores by Oprah Winfrey, accompanied this time by an even more embarrassing, (to the Christian, that is), Michelle Obama as a “socially concerned” spiritual ally, provided the incentive for me to feel this letter justifiably be re-posted on our blog. Had Michelle Obama not insisted on using the church as a platform to preach her deceptive message, I might have felt otherwise and simply have left the politicking to the politicians.

I do realise that the content of the attached letter is in contrast to the usual material we post here, but the blatantly obvious ecumenical message which Michelle and Oprah carried with them on that visit, somehow seems to tie in with this openhearted local opinion Continue reading

‘The Characteristics of the Friends of Jesus.’‑What it means to be a friend of Jesus Christ.

John MacArthur – Grace to You

John 15:12-16

Turning in your Bibles with me this morning to the 15th Chapter of John, we’re continuing in our study of John’s Gospel and coming to this particular portion which is certainly a classic portion of Scripture. Verses 12 through 16 will be our text for this morning and there are so many tremendous truths here. This is the kind of a‑‑of a passage that you can’t really preach as much as you can share with fellow believers. The topic is really, ‘The Characteristics of the Friends of Jesus.’‑What it means to be a friend of Jesus Christ.

You know even as Christians, when we talk about something like friendship with Jesus, when we speak about something that intimate, it’s absolutely thrilling to realize that the Son of God, who is responsible for the creation and the upholding of the Universe, is literally a personal intimate friend of those who are his own. It’s an overwhelming thing when you really grasp that truth, and this morning I trust that you’ll see it, perhaps, in a light that you’ve never seen it before. What it means is to really be a friend of Jesus Christ.

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A.W. Tozer

To take Jesus Christ into your life without reservation is to accept His friends as your friends and to know that His enemies will be your enemies! It means that we accept His rejection as our rejection. We knowingly accept His cross as our cross. If you then find

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