Oprah and Obama: Ecumenicising an Africa in need of Christ

Grant Swart

The letter which I have attached hereto, was brought to my attention a few days ago, sent to me by a family member and friend who has a sharp eye for matters pertaining to controversial political issues. Although the letter is of secular nature, I thought it might be relevant to the times we are living in here in Africa, where, as in the rest of the world, the momentum of the ecumenical movement has become unstoppable.

The recent embarrassing repeat visit to our shores by Oprah Winfrey, accompanied this time by an even more embarrassing, (to the Christian, that is), Michelle Obama as a “socially concerned” spiritual ally, provided the incentive for me to feel this letter justifiably be re-posted on our blog. Had Michelle Obama not insisted on using the church as a platform to preach her deceptive message, I might have felt otherwise and simply have left the politicking to the politicians.

I do realise that the content of the attached letter is in contrast to the usual material we post here, but the blatantly obvious ecumenical message which Michelle and Oprah carried with them on that visit, somehow seems to tie in with this openhearted local opinion in many ways.

It is certainly a hard-hitting piece worth reading, especially for the overseas (that is, outside of Africa) reader who has an interest in these matters, but whose information is provided largely through accessing the limited and affected opinion of the biased and commercially driven world media. It should, however, be read with discernment, an understanding of and compassionate approach to the plight of the tenderness of the lost souls on our African continent. The warring nature and warrior-like appearance of African countries is in stark contrast to the reality of the fragile spiritual condition and defences of the black African people.

It is quite another thing living in Africa as an African, and from that vantage point witnessing with increasing frustration, the idiotic and ignorant stance of the politically correct and injudiciously tolerant Western leaders, which is being formulated by and rooted in misinformation supplied to them by their corrupt foreign agencies, bought and incompetent foreign ministers, evil puppet African governments and predominantly, their own worship of mammon.

It is nauseating to see the ecumenically bent billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama visiting African shores, with the intention of voicing their destructive message and providing deceptive advice on matters of which they are truly, completely ignorant. Their so doing from a very visible platform and under the pretence of caring, is an indictment of their false position and their country before God and the entire world. It further emphasises the disdain which the West, the ecumenically religious and more particularly, the White House maintains forAfrica. Alarmingly, although not unexpectedly for the biblically studious, this continues to an even larger degree, under a Black American president, who seems to regard it important to be, and to enjoy being, categorized as black and successful as opposed to being Christian.

This is simply evidential of the fact that America finds itself truly under God’s judgement, due to the accelerating apostasy of that nation, as Dr John MacArthur recently pointed out at the Resolved Conference. Similarly, it is further evidence that Africa remains firmly under God’s judgement. This, as a direct result of Africa’s ongoing unbelief and worship of, what most likely, constitutes the most diverse array of false gods on any continent.

That is, of course, exactly the reason for the ease with which the ecumenical movement influences African targets, and why the movement’s message has such an enormously successful self-proliferating effect. The developments are not unlike those from within the successes of the Word / Faith healing and prosperity preaching “ministries” which are running riot through the more economically active African communities. There seems to be a marked scarcity of them in the poverty stricken regions, any guesses as to why that is so? The Christian should take more careful note of the ecumenical movement’s misguided spokespersons such as the Obamas, Oprah, Blair, Bell, the Vatican and so many, many others.

Believers! Saints! Priesthood! Let us make much more sensible noise from our comfort zones and from our crumbling entrenchments in the Church; shout louder the truth of the Word into Africa and into forgetful America, because it seems too few of them can hear! Let us prayerfully ensure that it is the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus in Truth we shout, lest we promote the sly one’s popularly received messages. Let us rattle the foundations of the ecumenical movement by shouting out from the Word and not from the fallibility of our opinions, for although we know that the final result will not be altered, and although we know from the Script that a great revival in the church is mere profit orientated spin-doctoring and that a great apostasy is already underway, just maybe we can more effectively fulfil our commission on the way.


The letter from a black writer, published in the newspaper, “The Namibian”, during April of this year:

“ALTHOUGH hard to swallow, us black people despise everything that looks like us. To prove my point, not so long ago fellow blacks who had run away from atrocities in their own African countries were beaten, burned and some even killed by fellow blacks in South Africa.In Namibia, black supporters of the ruling party Swapo and the opposition parties clashed in 2009 and we still hear of such quarrels or violence just in the name of politics. Through studying history, I have come to learn that we actually disliked one another before colonialism, hence fierce tribal fights during those years. Colonialism united us all in the fight against a common enemy and after colonialism, we saw the rebirth of things we thought were buried a long time ago, like tribalism, regionalism, favouritism, etc.Although we do not like others from other tribes, we all love things that we do not produce. We love fine branded clothes from Europe, we love American and German-made cars, we love expensive wines and whiskeys, yet no African person brews any of them.All we own, unfortunately, are thousands of shebeens where we drink ourselves to death, stab each other with knives/bottles, infect each other with the HIV virus, make lots of unwanted babies and then blame others for our miseries. We love all sorts of expensive foreign made items and show them off yet we look down at our indigenous products that we fail to commercialise.

As blacks, we know very little about investments, whether in stocks, or in properties. All we know is how to invest our money in things that depreciate or evaporate the fastest like clothes, cars, alcohol and when we are at it, we want the whole world to see us. I know some brothers driving BMWs, yet they sleep on the floors and don’t have beds because nobody will see them anyway.

This is what we love doing and this is the black life, a life of showing off for those who have. A black millionaire tenderpreneur living in Ludwigsdorf or Klein Kuppe in Windhoek will drive to the notorious Eveline Street in Katutura where he will show off his expensive car and look down on others.

We sell our natural resources to Europe for processing, and then buy them back in finished products. What makes us so inferior in our thinking that we only pride ourselves when we have something made by others? What compels us to show off things that we don’t manufacture? Is it the poverty that we allow ourselves to be in? Is it our navigated consciousness, our culture, or just a low self esteem possessing us? For how long are we going to be consumers or users of things we do not produce? Do we like the easy way out, such that we only use and consume things made by others?

Do designer clothes, expensive wines or changing our names to sound more European make us more confident in ourselves?

Our leaders scream at us how bad the Europeans are yet they steal our public money and hide it in European banks. We know how Europeans ransacked Africa but we are scandalously quiet when our own leaders loot our countries and run with briefcases under their arms full of our riches to Europe. The Europeans took our riches to Europe but our African leaders are doing this too.

Mubarak of Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya, Mobutu Sese Seko of the then Zaire, all had their assets allegedly frozen in Europe. Why do our African leaders who claim to love us run to invest ‘their’ money in Europe? Again when they get sick they are quick to be flown to Europe for treatment, yet our relatives die in hospital queues. Don’t our leaders trust the health systems they have created for us all?

Why are we so subservient, so obedient to corruption when committed by our very own people? Nobody can disagree with me that in this country that we are like pets trained to obey the instructions of their masters.

I am sure we look down when we think of our broken lives but what do we see then? I wonder if we realise how we sell our dreams to our leaders for corruption, misery, poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment and all other social evils affecting us.

How long are we going to let our manipulated minds mislead us, from womb to tomb?”

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