New ! Discovering Christ Day by Day – by Don Forter PDF Book

Discovering Christ Daily Readings Image Don Fortner

Via Email from Pastor Don Fortner

Dear Family,

As you know, I completed the book of Daily Readings (Discovering Christ Day by Day) on December 31st and will no longer send these out, as I did last year. The book is now at the publishers and should be released in a few months. However, Bro. Larry Brown has put the entire year’s readings together in *.PDF format. I have attached it to this email.

I am sending this to all on our church family mailing list and to a few friends who have expressed an interest in having it. Please feel free to give the attached file to anyone who wants it.

Thank you, Larry, for putting these readings together.

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Web Pages :

Grace Baptist Church of Danville

2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422-9438

Here is the PDF version : Discovering Christ Day by Day 1 OR click on the Image of Pastor Don to get the PDF Book . 

With  thanks and gratitude to  Don Fortner for the permission to place the PDF book on our website. We pray many will be blessed by the material.  Also see  Discovering Christ in All the Scriptures – FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD BY Don Fortner

Please visit the above websites for more Biblical edifying material by Don Fortner.


7 thoughts on “New ! Discovering Christ Day by Day – by Don Forter PDF Book

  1. Dear Pastor Don,

    Thank you for this link. I’ve also posted it on the Facebook page, “Facts in the Bible you did not know”. Thank you for allowing us to share, we are in South Africa, but on our page are also people from India and Canada, and I am not sure where else in the world. 🙂

    Feel free to post anything on our page, and if you cannot find it, please let me know, and I will invite you via my personal Facebook page.

    [image: Inline images 3]


    Belinda (Phone number removed for your safety and security- Admin )

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    • Belinda Truscott,

      Thank you for your comment. I must mention to you this is not Pastor Don’s blog/website but our little blog where I very often post sermons, article and more by Don Fortner. I see you are in South Africa ? Where if I may ask. We are in Gauteng. I did obtain permission from Don to place the PDF Book, that will also be out soon in print as you can see via his email to us. Don Fortner is not on Facebook or any social media, however there are a couple of groups and Pages that do regularly post more links and sermons by the Free grace radio , pastors list. Feel free to send me a friend request on FB and maybe if you want I can add you to my groups. I have removed your personal mobile number for safety and security reasons, hope you do not mind. Hope to hear from you soon.

      I have browsed around on your FB Page. I can assure you that Don Fortner will not approve of your prophetic dreams and visions nor on your methods of Spiritual warfare , the Holy Spirit does no speak to us in an audible voice , and neither does God in dreams and visions ect , ect . I have observed many unsound teachings on your page. I do pray that the truth be found in reading of the book by Don Fortner. You will find Don’s teachings are Biblical and sound. He also does not hesitate to speak out on false teachings. You will find Don Fortners teaching quite the opposite to your pastor’s Kobus vd Merwe at MCC who has ties with the late false prophet Kobus van Rensburg. Have you ever listened to a true Bible teaching here is one for you…. The True Shepherd and The False



  2. Helo. Iam one person who is interested in the word of truth and that is by the grace of God. So many people in Zimbabwe are after the false doctrines of prophets who purport to hear from God. I however have found the true word on the messages of Don Fortner. I wish i could also get a copy of Christ day by day

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