Here I stand. Immovable.

standing firm

Many today are willing to forsake the very foundation truths of Holy Scripture for the sake of “unity”. This we cannot do.

There are some things, plainly revealed in the Word of God, vital to the faith of the gospel, and burned into our souls. Upon these things we must stand with unbending, absolute firmness, even if we have to stand totally alone. These things are not debatable!

1. The God of Heaven is Absolutely Sovereign.

He does what he will, when he will, with whom he will, in the way he will. He is sovereign in all things; creation, providence, and salvation.

2. The Bible is the Word of God.

“Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” The Bible is, in its entirety, inspired by the Holy Spirit. This Book alone has Divine authority. It is our only rule of faith and practice.

3. All Men are by Nature Dead in Sin.

The fall of Adam brought about the total ruin of our race. By the imputation of his sin, all the race is helplessly condemned and spiritually dead.

4. God has a People Whom He Chose in Christ before the World Began.

Define election in whatever way you will. But the fact that the Bible teaches a Divine, eternal, immutable election cannot be denied.

5. Jesus Christ Redeemed All His People.

The death of Christ left nothing to chance, or to man’s free-will. By one sacrifice he made a full, perfect, complete, and effectual atonement for all his elect.

6. The Holy Spirit Effectually Calls all of God’s Elect To Faith in Christ.

Divine grace is not just an offer of salvation. It is a Divine operation of grace on the soul which always produces salvation, eternal life, and faith in Christ.

7. All of God’s Elect will Persevere unto Eternal Glory.

Not one of those who were chosen by God, redeemed by Christ, and called by the Holy Spirit shall ever, by any possibility, perish!

Here I stand! I can do no more. God help me never to be moved!


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2 thoughts on “Here I stand. Immovable.

  1. More and more Christians are making a stand for the Truth.
    Thank you for those foundational Truths. When we grasp those seven points nothing will lead us astray from the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is non-other than the explanation of the eternal Gospel by Paul. The narrow gate is to be entered, the True gate explained in Scripture only, while the postmodern Church today is widening the gate with nice preachers that are in sheep’s clothing, that creep in the Church, like Bob DeWaay says. These preachers let the people feel so good about themselves, instead of preaching their total corruption and the need of salvation from the wrath of God by the pouring out of the life of Jesus Christ. Without blood there is no remission of sins. They all believe in Jesus but their doctrine is not the doctrine of the Bible.


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