Claimed from Oblivion

Grace Unlimited – Dr. Joshua Mack

Ephesians 2:11-12

Some people are excited to hear that there is an ancient source of information that is very hard to gain access to. Suppose it was said that all of the secrets to life were inscribed on an aged scroll. That scroll, however, was kept in a most remote place on earth. Even the journey to get there was arduous. But more than that, the scroll is housed in an impenetrable castle, guarded by an elite force of soldiers.
No-one has ever gained access to this document.

Some may take up the challenge because they are so excited by curiosity, but all would fail.

The truth of God was like that in the past, but now, God has opened up access to His glorious salvation even to the most remote people groups on earth. People who were once so lost that they didn’t know which way to turn, can now come to Christ through the Gospel and find glorious, eternal hope in Jesus Christ!

God has claimed men and women from oblivion. This is reason to be happy!

Thank you Alan Lester

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