John Piper’s Interview with Rick Warren at Saddleback Reappears

By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on May 27, 2011

Apprising Ministries has pointed out that a part of our labor in the Lord is our documenting of the painfully obvious New Downgrade going on within mainstream evangelicalism; not unlike The Downgrade Controversy Charles Spurgeon dealt with many years ago, which should be more and more obvious, at least for those blessed by God with eyes that see.

You should know that the root of this growing apostasy roughly begins with the charismatic revival circa 1960 as it later spreads through the Jesus People/Movement in the early 1970′s and out into various mainline denominations as well as into what became the Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission.[1]

I’ve pointed out before it’s critical for you to realize that this is the spiritual cesspool from which the new liberalism of the seeker-friendly/sinner-sensitive methodology of letting culture define the church visible would spring.

Then, because coverting this pathetic people-pleasing compromise is a large part a part of my labor in the Lord, I will tell you again that it’s very likely history will come to remember this gelatinous generation for it’s Downgrade No-Controversy unlike Spurgeon’s time in history. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear there’s a Charles Spurgeon anywhere on the immediate horizon.

Herein lies the proper backdrop upon which to see that in John Piper Interviews Rick Warren At Saddleback it’s becoming much clearer that Dr. Piper has decided to continue with his reconstruction of the ministry of the Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren. It actually begins when Dr. John Piper made the decision to ask Rick Warren to be a keynote speaker for the Desiring God Conference 2010, which briefly opened up a little bit of a Warrengate along the blogosphere.

Now, it seems, Piper’s become “appalled at the kinds of slanders” that have supposedly been leveled at Warren; and Piper is already on the record as having stated:

At root I think [Rick Warren] is theological and doctrinal and sound. (as cited Online source)

In my aforementioned piece I noted via an update that not more than an hour or two after my piece went online at AM the page to the interview of Rick Warren by John Piper would vanish. I already had on file the pdf transcript done by Warren’s people and also put it at the bottom of that article because it had been removed from the website as well.

Please read full article HERE

Thank You ! Pastor Ken Silva.

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