End The War On Racism…

Madiba vs Voortrekker Monument 16 Dec 2013


I have re-posted this from Bill’s blog. It has very particular relevance to all my people in South Africa, especially to those who are embroiled in their own witch-hunts and who live to fuel the fires of the exhausted war on racism. By continuing to partake in a war against racism, one wars against oneself, because there really is only one race.

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

This is a column of  sheer Wisdom and insight from Daniel Greendfield,aka Sultan Knish, of Frontpagemag.com- Pas Bill

We’ve all but given up on the War on Drugs and the War on Terror has been scaled down to a few drones occasionally taking out a gang of Jihadis in Pakistan or Yemen.

Even the original kind of non-metaphorical war has been slashed to the bone with the military barely having enough metal left to scare off a flock of crows.

But the War on Racism has never ended. And it will never end.

The left has claimed that the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and even every real war were pretexts by the military-industrial complex, the prison industry and all the other industries to seize power by manufacturing a crisis.

But they are the ones who maintain a state of racial emergency long after the crisis has…

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