Entertainment and Style of Music Do Not Convert People

John MacArthur,

“It’s not the style of our music that gets people converted. It’s not because of the entertainment level that they enjoy that gets them converted. Sooner or later you’ve got to get down to confronting them with the message and my judgment is sooner is better than later. So what are we waiting for? Let’s just get them to hear the message, that’s how they’re going to be saved. Take out the preaching of sin, take out the preaching of hell, take out repentance, take out the cross, and then people will feel comfortable. That’s the new trend. Build an image of love, care, being nice and if everybody is nice, they like us, they might like Jesus. That is tragically not the case.

When Jesus came preaching, He came preaching repentance. They hated Him for it. They sought to kill Him and eventually they executed Him. They did the same to all the Apostles. They’ve been doing it to the faithful preachers throughout all of the history of the church. There’s only two possible…well three possible reactions to the gospel. One would be indifference, the other would be faith and the other would be hostility. You have to live with the reality of that.

So the church has had this illusion somehow that we can wipe out everything that offends. And somehow influence people to be saved in an inoffensive way. Eventually you’ve got to get to the offense, you might as well start there because until they’re offended about their own sins, and their violation of the holiness of God, they aren’t going to come penitently to the Savior.”

taken from: Principles for Discernment, Part 2, delivered on November 06, 2002. 

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2 thoughts on “Entertainment and Style of Music Do Not Convert People

  1. Reblogged this on LoyalDidymus and commented:
    This is the virus that has infected many of the churches today. The idea nowadays is to appease the crowd by way of making it a show…some sort of entertainment. It’s all about not offending anyone with the idea of repentance. Church has turned into more of a motivational self help conference with a little pre-show entertainment. My question is this: Where is the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ in all of this???


  2. They hated Jesus, not just for preaching repentence, but in believing in the Gospel to save them, not following the Law. The Pharisees hated Jesus because they no longer had control. He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” That was offensive. His claim to be God was offensive. His claim to fulfill the Law was offensive. The one’s the hated him were lovers of the Law. The ones the loved Him were the ones that knew their need of a savior and believed in Him in repentence.


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