The Word which brings faith


From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled “How Can I Obtain Faith,” delivered January 21, 1872.

The theory now-a-days is that all preachers worth hearing by this refined generation must be profound thinkers, and inventors of improved theologies. Brethren, let man’s thoughts perish for ever; the thoughts of God and not the thoughts of man will save souls. The truth of God should be spoken simply, with as little as possible of the embellishments of metaphysics, and philosophy, and high culture, and all that stuff. I say the word of God delivered as we find it is that which, when heard, brings faith to the souls of men.

I counsel you, my occasional hearers, you who perhaps have come freshly to this city, or who reside where you have a choice of ministry, seek not that which tickles your ear, but that which your conscience approves as consistent with the word of God; and, though we or an angel from heaven should preach to you that which is not God’s word, do not listen to us, for it will be mischievous to you. Hear you what God the Lord speaketh, and hear nothing else. What though he shall sound forth his word through a ram’s horn, if it be God’s Spirit that giveth forth a certain sound, it shall be more profitable to your soul than though the silver trumpet should be set to the mouth of falsehood, and the sweetest music should regale your ear. The matter of a discourse is far more important than the manner. Saving faith never comes from hearing falsehood, but from the word of God alone.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled “How Can I Obtain Faith,”delivered January 21, 1872. Image by tsaarni under Creative Commons License.


One thought on “The Word which brings faith

  1. This is an excellent article, and so very true!
    It is never mans oratorial skills or cleverness in speaking that hold s any power to change the heart. Gods Word is alive and it alone contains that power.

    Many “preachers” today seem to be more impressed with their oratory and brow wiping and performance , while at the same time showing that they have not truly studied the Word.
    How I wish we had men like Spurgeon today, with such a very high regard for the Word of God! There are precious few in my personal experience.


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