Justin Peters Calls Out Bam Bam Bentley, EPIC Moment.

Polemics Report

World’s most foremost expert on Word-Faith and Charismania, and fellow Worldview Weekend broadcaster, Justin Peters called out notorious faith-healer, Todd (Bam-Bam) Bentley last night.

Bam-Bam (who got that nickname from his unique healing style, which includes hitting and kicking people) made the mistake of giving Justin the microphone. That was NOT a smart idea. After Justin gave a “prophetic word” from Matthew 7, Bam-Bam asked who was the “worker of iniquity” Justin was referring to. Justin said, “You are.” They then took the mic and Justin continued to preach until they forced him off stage.

Then, they removed him from the building and called the police on Justin and his associates (after Bam-Bam prayed that God would bless them).

Glory to God that truth might be spoken there.

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5 thoughts on “Justin Peters Calls Out Bam Bam Bentley, EPIC Moment.

  1. Truth be told Bentley is a wolf in wolf’s clothing and, as Paul Washer often says, he is the judgment of God upon the people who hear him because those people want exactly what he is selling them. At bottom, I think Justin could have employed his considerable Bible knowledge and energy more fruitfully by publically reproving much more dangerous preachers of falsehood, such as Rick Warren, Rob Bell or Joseph Prince. These all preach another gospel and need to be reproved by well regarded men of God like Justin Peters. May the Lord stir up his spirit to expose the false teachings of these men, who go about in sheep’s clothing but inside are ravening wolves.


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  3. It is about time someone had the courage to share in love with Todd Bentley the Scripture verses pertaining to his false teachings. To have another man care for Todd’s lost soul is absolutely amazing and I pray he will repent and turn to Jesus Christ for eternal salvation. Praise You, O LORD.

    I had a woman deaconess rebuke me in church for listening to discernment ministries via the internet and I quote, “We must be very careful what ministries we listen to for they can lead you astray.” I received the correction and warning without any question nor rebuttal for I considered it to be wise counsel. Then I heard from another woman who attended this deaconess’ weekly Bible study that they were watching the “Todd Bentley Lakeland Revival” via the internet during their sessions instead of opening up their Bibles.

    So much for the open rebuke! “A double minded man or woman is unstable in ALL of their ways.” Praise God I left this manipulative and controlling church system.


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