What Ever Happened to the New Age?

Peter Jones explains how the New Age movement has evolved into a global spiritual influence.

You know-the Age of Aquarius, chakras and crystals, Shirley MacLaine’s “going within,” and Marianne Williams, guru to the stars. Well, the stars are coming out, but the New Age is old hat. They were the good ol’ days.

I just signed up for an online forum, Beyond Awakening: The Future of Spiritual Practice. You could say Beyond New Age. Hailed as “the most important conversation for the planet today,” this forum had 25,000 members within a few weeks (proof that I run with the in-crowd)! Actually, it is proof of a veritable armada of intelligent “Cultural Creatives,” “Progressives,” “Brights,” and “Integral Spiritualists.” These activists, seeing that our world is in crisis, have organized national and international visionary groups. (There are 50 million Cultural Creatives in the USA and 80-90 million in the European Union.)

These spiritualists believe that private New Age spirituality must come out of the closet. Spirituality needs “the big picture” of itself as an integral part of the great evolutionary movement for a sustainable future. The 13.7 billion years of cosmic evolution are taken as factual proof that One-ist evolutionary spirituality is also true. Our “sincere care” of the planet, which will guarantee human survival, must be accompanied by evolutionary spirituality, leading to a “non-dual” holistic consciousness (freed from the “dual” notion of the Creator/creature distinction). We need to go both inside and outside, beyond the Post-Modern and the New Age fixation with the self, to create a more glorious future for the Earth.   Continue reading here: http://christianresearchnetwork.com/?p=19488


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