Are you a “Fundamentalist”? More problems with man-made labels

 by Grant Swart

A related post which I placed a few weeks back can be read by clicking here: Are you a Calvinist? The problem with man-made labels . Rather than repeating what I wrote in that post regarding man-made labels, I recommend reading that post in conjunction with this one, which will place the subject in perspective.

It is with predictable regularity that Bible believing Christians today, are confronted with the question: “Are you a Fundamentalist?” More often than not, the question is posed rather as a piercing accusation than an interested or genuine inquiry.  Those who pose the question have generally made up their minds beforehand, what the qualifications for being a Fundamentalist are and accordingly, they label the Bible believer a “Fundamentalist”. However, their assumption is inherently skewed, as most of what the world views as being Fundamentalism, is not akin to biblical Christianity, therefore a truly biblical Christian cannot be that kind of Fundamentalist. Continue reading

POLL: English Bible translations / versions

Grant Swart

I always enjoy polls on just about any subject ranging from politics to food, religion to sport, but I admit that such polls are rarely indicative of international opinion. Rather, they tend to represent the opinion of a select group of like-minded people who happen to frequent certain publications.

For example, the game of cricket would certainly not top a poll concerning the most popular sport in Los Angeles. Polls published in right-wing orientated newspapers will generally deliver results more representative of the right-wing or more conservative populace. Polls in more liberal publications will, more often than not, deliver liberal results. The results from a poll in the Tehran Times in Iran, concerning the most popular religions, would certainly not have Christianity topping the votes.

But nevertheless, polls remain popular and are generally fun and quick to answer. Results are generally immediately available, and those who like to be on the winning side at all times, can view the current result before voting for the most popular answer! I hope we get more honest opinion in our little polls, in the hope of learning more about how true believers think.

This particular poll about English Bible versions has more than the usual three or four choices. Most future polls should have fewer choices to enjoy clicking on. Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to complete them, I hope they are of use to the reader and are enjoyable and relevant.

Please check back soon for the next poll.

My apologies for the background picture (skulls!!), I noticed it too late after voting had begun!