Worth the Slammer!

Dr. Joshua Mack

24 July 2011

So lost in his glorious world, Paul sits back or a moment as he writes this letter. Something is heavy upon his mind. But what is on his mind is not the fact that he is in prison. What has inflated his heart is the glorious gospel of the blessed God. He wants his readers to come to appreciate it more and more. So as he grasps for words, it comes back to him that his is actually in prison for this gospel. Just as his incarceration is real, so the gospel is real! Not only is it real, it is also consuming, objective, and given to him by God.

It is personal and life-changing. In Paul’s mind, the gospel is certainly worth the slammer! A motivational speaker who ends up being thrown into jail because of something he has said, could easily change his technique and words next time. But a preacher of the gospel cannot do that. He has a mega-message. He has an extraordinary message. he has a unique message. he has a message that results in profound blessings for other people. He has a message worth suffering for. If this is not it, what else would you say, for yourself, is worth the slammer?

To listen to the full sermon please link HERE PLEASE

Full permission to place this sermon. Thank you, Alan Lester

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