How do South African Christians relate to a government that is hard to live under?

Alan Lester – Grace Unlimited
From the sermon series Vanishing Beggar’s Gold 30Modern Truth to Ancient Rome

Mar 24, 2011

Romans 13:1-7; Acts 5:29

“Big Brother” has arrived. Security cameras everywhere – even on the freeways. Townhouse developments that look more like concentration camps have sprung up everywhere. Office complexes and even some clinics and hospitals now require your thumb-print for entry. Police stop and search vehicles arbitrarily, without warrants, and often expect a bribe in order to let you go. The banks decide how, when and where you will use your credit card, with new “security” measures in some establishments that prevent you from buying at the same place within a certain time frame. The media inundates us with bad news – encouraging a constant state of fear and desperation amongst the general populace and furthering racial tension. Governmental control of major media is more pronounced. Politicians are so arrogantly assured of their power that they do not always even try to hide their corrupt activities. — Oh, and we have a Presidential candidate with no education, a penchant for women (LOTS of women), reckons a shower will cure AIDS, keeps asking for a machine gun and thinks he’s Jesus.

This is a ordinary citizen’s view of how his country has changed over the last ten years. We cannot deny the realities that face us in a crumbling world. But the question we must ask in this message is, “How do Christians relate to a government that is hard to live under?”
Paul, in Romans 13, gives us opportunity for hope and joy in the thick of modern-day governmental pressure.

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Copyright 2011 Alan Lester – Graceunlimited. All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

Note by Elmarie : There is a wonderful message of hope for the believer, Please listen to the complete 38 minute sermon at the  link provided. This sermon is a must listen to hear the complete message.  Thank you Alan !

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