John Calvin: Murderer?

Jerry Johnson discusses those who claim that John Calvin murdered Michael Servetus.

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5 thoughts on “John Calvin: Murderer?

  1. Most opponents of Reformed Theology hate Calvin, the principal adversary being the Roman Catholic Church because Reformed theology created the main danger to the Roman Catholic Kingdom with its immense wealth and earnings through manipulating members. So what do you do, then, you spread defamations. These are the same lies that anti-reformers use today to discredit the greatest revival that ever was and will be. Yet, historical truth tells a different story.

    Servetus was already condemned to death by the RC church for heresy. He denied the Trinity, said that God is a three headed hound and with this blasphemy created Civil unrest. It was this Civil disobedience that condemned him. Eight Cities in Switzerland also put the stamp of authorization on his sentence to the stake for Civil unrest. It was a Civic court that sentenced him. Farell and Calvin pleaded with him for repentance and the authorities for leniency. The Civil authorities did ask Calvin only for advice concerning Servetus’ theology.

    Servetus was not a martyr that could walk proudly with his head held high to the stake like true Christian Martyrs, but died screaming. He was not slowly roasted with green wood for 3 hours. The smoke at least would have killed him in ten minutes. They did not hang gun powder around his neck to prolong his death and agony; it was the will of family to hang gun powder around necks of family so that they can die sooner. As happened to Ridley in England who told his friend on the stake: “Today a candle will be lit that will burn for ever. Play the man” They died with honour for the Truth.

    This is the Truth and for a detailed article in Afrikaans:


    • Nico,

      Thank you for your comment and link. Yes, the olle Servetus story has become an Ad nauseam subject on social media. And those Doctrines of Grace haters the will worshippers will always bring up the subject that “Calvin murdered Servetus’ and others. Fact is Calvin did not burn Servetus like a steak (tongue in cheek) These will worshippers, have never read the history books to see what really took place in the days in Geneva.

      I liked the way Jerry explained it short and to the point in the video clip.

      Fact is Servetus was in the wrong and a heretic, but the will worshippers will always have a stone to throw. Few of them even do the trouble to read the Fox’s Book of Martyrs, nevermind reading the correct history books about the days of Calvin.


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