James White – How do you distinguish Biblical Christianity from false teaching?

Seven minute video clip

With many different Christian denominations, and many different, contradictory messages being preached (even within the same denomination) how can someone work out who’s telling the truth about what Jesus actually taught? If the Bible is, as Christians profess, the Word of God then it’s obviously of vital importance to understand what that word is actually saying, but how can you distinguish Biblical Christianity from false teaching?

Solas recently met up with Dr James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, Phoenix, Arizona. This interview was recorded in Glasgow on 9th February 2011.

For further information on SOLAS please visit http://www.solas-cpc.org
For further information on James White please visit http://www.aomin.org

This film contains video content from Rob Bell and Harper Collins Publishers. This content is used solely for the purposes of criticism and review and this use is in full compliance with the “fair dealing” requirements of UK copyright law as it uses less than a substantial part of the original copyright protected work. Full credit for the material is attributed to the copyright owner in the film.

HL – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yBscIEWc9i8#!

Also thanking my sister Kate for the post where I found it originally. http://lydiassisters.ning.com/

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