Modern Spirituality and Your Mind

1Jn 4:1  Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Listen to the sermon here :

By Voddie Baucham

This whole idea about having a peace about something being from God is a totally pagan idea, will we have peace at times when we are in the will of God? yes, will we we have a peace at times when we aren’t in the will of God yep, how do you know which is from God

Voddie Baucham says it this way:

The Christian word for this kind of pagan mysticism is “finding peace about it”, its paganism.
“I know this is what Im suppose to do!”
“Because I have a peace about it”
As thought God would never lead you to do something about which you would not feel peace?
Has God ever lead you to confront someone about sin? trust me you don’t feel a “peace” about that.
Has God ever called you to witness to a hostile person? Trust me you don’t feel a peace about it

But is that the way we Christianize our pagan understanding of finding the will of God. “I have a peace about it”, by the way what that means is i’m doing something, its not Biblical, and I know its not Biblical, but I don’t want you to question me about it. So when you go opening up your Bible, I say “I know what that says but…..I prayed about this…I fasted… I have peace….therefore my decision trumps whatever you just found in that book. Because we all know that the ultimate example of finding the will of God is inner peace (*note sarcasm on the last line)

Here’s how we get there as Christians: we search the scriptures, we read our Bibles – Voddie Baucham

Thank you Friend for the little transcript and permission.

Source : HL


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