The BIBLICAL Role Of A Woman

I was given the links to these two short video clips, by a friend and and sister in Jesus Christ. This one of the best biblical explanations concerning the place and role of the woman in the church and as a Christian wife and  mother. I thought it good enough to share with you all. There might be somebody out there who would benefit from better understanding our place and role in a Biblical sense. It is also our duty to adhere to the Word and it clearly spells out what the Lord expects of women.

In today’s post-modern society with women’s liberation movements world wide it is not correct for us to agree with and adhere to the world, but to follow our Lord’s instructions. The teaching of the Apostle Paul spells it out so clearly in his words in 1Tim 2:12  “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet”. Often I have encountered women who say that this verse indicates to them that women should be reduced to being pregnant and in the kitchen, and be a slave to her husband although this is not at all what Scripture tells us. It is my prayer that these short clips bring joy and peace to the hearts of those women who do not understand this teaching. Blessings in His name. Elmarie

To see the video clips ….

Video 1 below:

Video 2 below :

This is part TWO of a 2 part series. Please watch PART I first in order to understand the entirety of this teaching in its proper BIBLICAL context. This film is copyrighted NO DUPLICATION WITHOUT PERMISSION…It is unlawful to duplicate this film even under FAIR USE – especially if it is used to disparage the film. The law is clear on this matter. ICHTHUS FILMS


1. ACTS 2 – Your women shall prophecy – Peter claims that this is a fulfillment of the prophecy fulfillment for THAT moment. They understood that the LAST DAYS had begun with the birth of the church and the giving of the Old Testament. Also if one will read ALL of this section of Acts 2 – it is made clear (TWO TIMES) that only the men were “speaking in tongues.” Additionally – ALL OF THE REST of the N.T. docs., however, are very, very clear that a woman is NOT to be a pastor, teacher, preacher or leader over men. Peter and Paul make this clear. There is not a single Biblical example of a woman “prophet” who was a teacher or leader or pastor over men…not a single one.

ALL passages that have to do with the qualifications of Pastors, Elders and Leaders are purposefully and specifically directed toward MEN. There is NOT ONE single Biblical instance of a woman priest, pastor, elder or teacher over men. Even though a woman prophet is mentioned in the N.T. there is not even an inference that they led churches or had authority in the church over men. It simply is not biblical.

The vast majority of feedback that I have received on this vid is very, very positive. It is amazing that the ones who try to refute this film claim as their “proof” –
1. Extra-biblical sources
2. The Bible is “wrong”
3. Church history over the Word of God
4. Personal feelings.
5. The N.T. “Days” of “spirit vs. flesh” supercedes or abrogates the the very writings of the N.T. itself! (What a godless argument – yet, I receive it from “women preachers” all the time) Unbelievable.

NO ONE has given a single instance of in-context Biblical refutation. NO ONE!


Source : You Tube

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These video clips placed with full permission. Thank You  – Pastor Carl Gallups


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