Taming a Wild Church

Grace Unlimited – Alan Lester

It is not uncommon for whole churches to lose focus of the real thing. But at the same time, while they search, the real thing evades them.
Painfully absent is a clear presentation of the Gospel, and a deep appreciation of that Gospel. Without this, churches must drop into one of the various ditches that line the road. Either legalism or liberalism. Either joyless slavery or emotional burnout. Both are exhausting because they pursue a non-existent paradise.
As simple as it sounds, churches that fall into these extremes have lost sight of the Gospel of grace. In this message I have attempted to re-ignite a flame of desire for the glorious gospel of the blessed God. If you are trying to Tame a wild church, may God grant you a fresh view of the real issue and give you the resolve to renew your struggle for the truth.

Full permission to place sermon and links – Thank you Alan Lester !!

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